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CHASE has been running high calibre Contract Pharmaceutical Sales and Nurse Teams for over 12 years now, growing steadily over this time to become one of the UK's largest providers of outsourced Pharmaceutical Sales, Healthcare Sales and Specialist Nurse teams in the UK.

With over 250 people regularly working for us at any one time, CHASE has consistently been able to attract and retain some of the UK's most talented commercial professionals, as unlike traditional Contract Sales Organisations (CSO’s), CHASE can provide its candidates with both permanent and contract Pharmaceutical Sales career opportunities, meaning that candidates come to CHASE first when they are thinking about their next career move due to our wide selection of choice we offer.

As our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare clients operate more flexible business models, CHASE is able to energise the very best people to go and work on their brands, as we always meet all of our candidates in person, allowing us to take time to get to understand their strengths and drivers, so we can carefully select the right person for the right role.

CHASE recognise that our People are our most important asset, so we always goes the extra mile to provide our contract Pharmaceutical Sales and Nurse employees with outstanding service – which is all about listening to what they need in order for them to be successful and being passionate about delivering pastoral services of the highest standards to help them stay focussed and motivated whilst working for our clients.

In summary, CHASE has a strong heritage in providing Contract Pharmaceutical Sales and Contract Nurse Team solutions that are flexible to meet our clients' evolving business needs, at the heart of which is our focus on quality, particularly within the following disciplines:

  • Primary and Secondary Care Contract Pharmaceutical Sales Teams

  • Key Account Managers

  • Market Access Specialists

  • Contract Nurse Teams

  • Hot Spot Pharmaceutical Sales Teams

  • Remote Live E-Detailing Teams

To find out more and discuss our contract sales and contract nurse team case studies, please contact us by email on or call 0131 553 6644

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