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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Linkedin Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a veritable treasure chest when it comes to job opportunities – and it only takes a few tweaks to an unexceptional profile to get your achievements noticed.

With its combination of leading industry members, thoughtful business articles and easy-to-use interface, the leading social network for business professionals is the simplest way to make a name for yourself with peers and prospective employers.

What’s more, LinkedIn appears at the top of most Google searches for someone’s name, providing a curious employer with a list of suitable candidates for the latest top job in their workplace.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five simple and efficient ways to make your LinkedIn profile look fantastic and help it get noticed

1. A simple share

A large part of LinkedIn maintenance involves keeping your connections up to date with the latest industry news and tips, turning you from a LinkedIn user to a curator. But you don’t have to scour the web all day to find prime content. All you really need to do is share one newsworthy article a day, anything that happens to capture your interest.

You could share humorous images, professional articles or industry podcasts. Either way, the sharing of content will keep your name in news feeds and, by extension, in their minds whenever a new job pops up.

2. Pay attention to LinkedIn’s questions

When you view your profile, LinkedIn will ask you various questions. These can range from “Do you have any published articles, studies, conference presentations, or other work?” to “Do you belong to any professional organisations?”

This isn’t a simple case of LinkedIn being nosy. Instead, it’s pointing out gaps in your profile that could net you interest from employers if they were populated. So make sure to fill in any blanks that LinkedIn points out to you.

3. Make it personal

So many LinkedIn profiles are cold and impersonal, mistaking professionalism for detachment. But without a dose of personality, you’re presenting an employer with no great insight into what they’ll experience when they work alongside you.

People aren’t only searching for a checklist of skills when they look at your profile. They want to know what you’re like and what you like, so let them know.

4. Add a new skill

The skills section of your LinkedIn profile is a collection of everything you can do, a bullet-pointed list of your abilities – and it’s easy to keep up to date.

Try to add a new skill to your profile every week. This takes a few seconds and will make you look like you’re constantly developing. What’s more, it’ll update your news feed with something that reflects you positively.

5. Request a recommendation

LinkedIn isn’t just about blowing your own trumpet – it’s about receiving positive recommendations from your peers and bosses. Requesting a recommendation from your boss takes a few seconds – you only have to drop them a message – and will boost the quality of your profile.

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