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5 Signs a Career in Pharma or Healthcare Sales Is Ideal for You

Working in Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sales is a rewarding job with many professional and personal benefits – perfect for someone who loves forging and fostering strong professional relationships.

But if you don’t have the right temperament for this fast-paced, fluid and demanding role, it’s easy to come unstuck.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few signs to help you figure out if you’d suit a career in pharma or healthcare sales.

Take a look and discover the ideal personality traits you’ll need for this constantly evolving industry.

1. You want to sell

As with any sales job, you’ll have a number of targets to meet when you’re in Pharma or Healthcare sales.

Selling is the core aspect of your job, so it’s important to ask yourself: “Do I want to sell?”

As well as enjoying the highs of closing a sale, you’ll also have to decide how comfortable you are with the inevitable rejection inherent in sales. Have you got the perseverance to stick with it and really drive yourself even on the difficult days?

If you’ve got previous experience of selling successfully (even if that experience is in another industry), make sure you display your skills prominently on your CV.

2. You have high standards

In multibillion dollar industries like Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, hiring managers will only consider the finest applicants, and they need to ensure that their Sales Representatives will present their company ethically and professionally.

The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries are tightly regulated, and you’ll have to appreciate the intricacies of the regulations if you want to get ahead. Therefore, if high standards of professional excellence are more important to you than a quick sale, you could be exactly who our clients are looking for.

3. You’re comfortable with science and continual learning

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree in science, having A-level/Higher qualifications in science subjects will help you. The more comfortable you are in this area the better.

In terms of core qualifications, much of your knowledge will be expanded on-the-job. You’ll have an initial training course to successfully complete and then, if you’re in Pharmaceuticals, you’ll also have to pass the ABPI examination within two years.

If you’ve got a passion for learning (and the science side of things hasn’t put you off), then you’ll fit in perfectly with the industry.

4. You want to work in an industry with a future

With Brexit and other political upheavals stoking uncertainty in many industries, we’re living in economically unstable times. But the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries are more relevant than ever.

Whether bringing new drugs or devices to the marketplace or finding new markets for existing products, these industries are combining science and commerce to help patients the world over.

If you’re searching for an industry that’s essentially future-proofed, then think seriously about applying.

5. You want a real career path

At CHASE, we can cite countless examples of Graduates entering the Pharma and Healthcare industries and progressing into senior roles, and we’re proud of the helping hand we provide for them.

If you’re on the hunt for a real career path AND possess all the traits above, you’re a perfect match for Healthcare and Pharma sales – please contact us and speak to our specialist Graduate Academy team to find out more.

If you’re interested in looking at your career options and would like to speak to a member of the team simply call 0131 553 6644 or email

Kate O’Neill
Consultant – Graduate Sales Recruitment