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5 Things Pharma Companies Are Looking for in a Marketer in 2016

With every passing year, the business of marketing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries evolves. With that in mind, we asked CHASE Director Graham Hawthorn to get his take on what pharma companies are looking for from a marketer in 2016.

Here’s what Graham had to say …

1. Strategic thinking

“It’s really important for marketers to plan ahead to give their brand the best possible chance of success,” said Graham.  “The marketers who are in demand show the ability to outthink their competitors.”

The ability to think ahead of the curve is vital, understanding where your brand is going next and what threats and opportunities are out there. Keep abreast of new trends and try to pre-empt what obstacles will be in your way for maximum marketing success.

2. Analytical Skills

“Fail to plan, plan to fail!” It’s a maxim that Graham would advise you to live by.

Resources are finite and budgets are often being cut, so it’s crucial marketers understand where they can allocate resources effectively – and find the right information to inform their decisions.

3. Commercial acumen/ Innovation

“The world doesn’t stand still and the best marketers stay a pace ahead!” said Graham.

What do your customers want? What will anticipated changes in the customer or competitor landscape mean for your product in the next 12 months? What can you be doing differently with your brand that will make a real difference? These are types of questions that successful marketers are constantly asking themselves.

Innovation and creativity are also key. With the advent of digital marketing, the way that customers are consuming information is changing all the time. This is definitely one area where there is room to shine for marketers in 2016. If you’re an expert in digital marketing, prospective employers will want to talk to you!

4. Customer Focus

“Good marketing will lead to more sales by giving the customer the right message, in the right way at the right time,” said Graham.

“With NHS budgets being squeezed, it is more important than ever to listen to the voice of the customer,” he continued. “We are often asked to source marketers who have remained very hands-on with their customers. If you’re not speaking to customers regularly, how can you know what they want?”

Keeping customers at the heart of your business plan, and maintaining your relationships with your current customers, is the key to getting yourself noticed as an exemplary marketer.

5. Cross Functional Teamwork

“Taking the time to build relationships across the business is a trait that is shared in all good marketers,” stated Graham.

“Marketers have to be effective internally as well as externally. Having the ability to deal effectively cross functionally can be the difference between success and failure. Can you influence, persuade and motivate others to give you what you need? Do you deliver on what you promised? Are you willing to give up your time for others when they need it?”

When you’re working in a team, you aren’t only expected to understand your own talents. You’ll have to be able to communicate information in a lucid and accessible manner, while also understanding how the talents of others fit into the bigger picture.

Not only will this lead to a more harmonious working environment, but it’ll help you influence those in your working environment to help you with the wider vision you’ve got for the company.

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