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5 Tips to Help You Be a Top Performing Healthcare Sales Rep

Becoming a top performing healthcare sales rep and getting to the top of the ladder requires you to hone your skills, build on the foundation of your knowledge with first-hand client encounters and the useful advice of others.

With that in mind, we have gathered together some key tips that’ll see you performing at the top of your game.

1. Product knowledge

Trust is placed in the healthcare industry not just because of the professionalism of its staff, but because of the integrity of the products it uses. Patients want to know that they’re receiving the best service and that means your clients will have to invest in the most effective treatments.

The best sales reps have first-rate knowledge of their products. Understanding the physiology and anatomy behind every healthcare product you sell is absolutely vital.

2. Ability to Listen

A salesperson shouldn’t just be a presentation machine providing a glut of information to a client. To create a meaningful connection with your clients, you’ll have to listen to their wants and needs, and respond to those with a sense of understanding and perceptiveness.

A finely tuned sense of communication and empathy for your customers can only really be picked up on the job, and will come with time. But making sure you’re effectively understanding the needs of your clients is vital to increasing your sales performance from the get-go.

3. Awareness of the industry

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. A prominent example of this is the Lord Carter Review, a Government review of the English NHS.

The Carter Review, published in 2016, outlined plans to save up to £5 billion for the NHS with “efficiency measures”, many of which could impact the way you sell your products.

A comprehensive awareness of the report, and any other future changes in the industry, is vital to communicating on an even footing with your clients.

4. Dedicated, determined and resilient

Combining dedication, determination and resilience is the key to pushing your way to the top of the career ladder.

However, sometimes a client won’t be interested in your products. Sometimes their quarterly budget won’t be able to stretch to the product your offering. But you’ve got to try and move your business forward, so always have a plan B in your back pocket.

And remember – your clients might not need your products now, but they might need them later.

5. Professional, polite and personable

Although a sense of determination is vital to remaining at the height of your powers in the healthcare industry, remaining professional, polite and personable to each of your clients can also be the perfect way to make sure they place their trust in you.

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Nick Johnson
UK Business Lead – Healthcare