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A Message from New Zealand

CHASE is 21 years-old this year, which is a major milestone for a business that was started out of a spare bedroom in Edinburgh. In that time, CHASE has gone on to become one of the UK’s largest Contract Sales Organisations, and the industry’s leading recruiter.

I’m humbled to say that because of the work CHASE does, I got into the pharmaceutical industry in 2001, initially as a CHASE graduate working as a medical sales rep for Novo Nordisk.

I remember the first time I spoke to Chris Philips (the founder and now Chairman of CHASE) as if it was only last week. “Simon, it’s your lucky day” said a deep Yorkshire accent on the end of the phone, after I replied to their advert in the Thursday Daily Telegraph.

I worked through a traditional sales and marketing career route from 2001 to 2010 and then took a leap outside of the industry to become a marketing consultant for the MSI Consultancy, now part of Cello Health. That role gave me skills and experiences and a new way of thinking that was transformational for me. After being in that role for two years I got another “Simon, it’s your lucky day” phone call from Chris, and in 2012 I agreed to become CHASE’s first Marketing Director.

Working for CHASE, both as a contract sales representative back in 2001 and as a permanent member of staff from 2012, was a fantastic experience. The level of support and professionalism the team provides is second to none. I can’t speak highly enough of the culture and work CHASE does. I’ll be forever grateful for all the advice, support and opportunities CHASE has given me in my career to date.

I emigrated to New Zealand with my family at the end of 2014 and am back in the Pharma industry working for Roche, which is an amazing company with lots of great people whom I get to work with every day.

You spend a lot of time at work, so make sure you love what you do. If not, then you should talk to CHASE. Not only will you get great advice, but hopefully they’ll find you an exciting job which can lead you onto anything you want it to. All you need to remember is, work hard, do the right thing and (if you’ve got one) keep your company car clean!

Happy 21 years to everyone at CHASE!

A conversation with Simon Couldstone