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CHASE Christmas 2020 | Age UK Neighbourly Volunteering - Yvonne's Story

"I volunteer for Age UK and make a once a week, half an hour call to my friend. To do this you must apply to Age UK and then do a small amount of training, take a little test and have an interview. You are then matched with someone over 60 and you make the weekly call.

The whole idea is about friendship but you also need to be ware what to do if there is a safe guarding issue. You do not exchange numbers, you call via Age UK and you do not exchange surnames or addresses.

I have just sent (via Age UK) my lady a Christmas card and a photo of my motorbike and all I can say is she was delighted. It is great to know you are making a difference and every week I set out to make her laugh at least once and she laughed today!"