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CHASE Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Gender pay gap report 2017

The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in the average pay between men and women, regardless of the nature of their work. This is different from an equal pay comparison, which would involve direct comparison of two people or groups of people carrying out the same, similar or equivalent work.

At CHASE we are committed to fostering a culture where individual differences and diversity are welcomed and where all employees are treated and rewarded fairly, irrespective of gender. Monitoring our gender pay data, and more importantly, understanding the factors that contribute to differences can help us achieve that.

The gender pay gap legislation introduced in April 2017, requires that UK employers with 250 employees or more on the snapshot date (5th April 2017) publish data about their gender pay gap. In this report we are sharing the gender pay gap data for the 12 months to 5th April 2017.

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