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CSOh? A quick guide to working for a Contract Sales Organisation

CSOh - a quick guide to working for a Contract Sales Organisation

We want to highlight an interesting change that has happened in the world of medical sales in the past 5 years. As the number of field based medical sales representatives has declined in the UK, the proportion of medical sales representatives working for Contract Sales Organisations (CSOs) has increased. But what does this mean for candidates?


Career focus

As CSOs have become more prevalent, the contract opportunities for candidates seeking Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales roles has grown significantly. At one time, contract roles were perceived by some as being second rate. This has changed, and during 2018 we expect that approximately 25% of Medical Sales Reps will be employed on a contract basis. As the industry experiences further change in the future, caused by such things as loss of exclusivity and continued pressure on NHS drug budgets, we expect this figure to grow. 

With this in mind, it is important to realise that, just like a permanent role, when you work with a good CSO your personal development aspirations & scope for career growth are taken into account.

Here at CHASE, we have many examples of individuals who have used the contract route to develop their careers. For example, some have progressed from contract sales roles to permanent marketing positions (and beyond) within the same client company, whilst others have taken the opportunity to work in different contract positions within different companies. We also have examples of contractors who were so happy with our service levels that they opted to stay on a CHASE contract rather than switch to a headcount position!


More than just a number – you really matter!

One of the worries many people have about contracting, is the prospect of being considered just a number and not valued on a personal level. However, at CHASE we know how important it is to take a personal yet professional approach.

As a field based representative or nurse, you need to know that you’ll get quick resolutions to any issues. For example, you have an issue with your car, you have a problem with your smart phone, you need to ask a question about expenses……all of these things, and many more, matter a great deal. When you’re flying the flag out in the field, it’s very important that you know that you have a contact back at CHASE head office with whom you can speak to sort out your issues. This is how we will look after you. There are no layers of bureaucracy or answer machines. You will be able to speak directly and quickly to your office based colleague who will sort out your issue.

We regularly seek feedback from our contract teams and have recently had some really positive endorsements of what we do:



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