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Exclusive Job Market Report: an in-depth Analysis – Part 1



As a leader in the UK Pharma recruitment and CSO markets over the last 18 years, CHASE understands there are certain things job seekers need to know when they start considering their next career move. So to help you make informed decisions, we’ve collated a wealth of data and information from across the UK Pharma market to create a two part series Job Market Report. The report will tell you everything you need to know about the job opportunities for you and the hiring landscape over the next few months.

In this first part we’ll tell you how many jobs will be available, both right now and over the next six months. We’ll also tell you who’s hiring and what types of roles are going to be available.

Once you’ve read this, watch out for the second part of our report next week, which will tell you what locations the jobs are in and what the split is between permanent and contract opportunities. For those of you who would like to know what the average salaries are for the different types of roles, then simply enter your contact details at the bottom of this page and we will send you this information in a confidential email.

Hope you find it useful!

Graham Hawthorn
Managing Director


Projected Volume of Jobs Across UK Pharma January – June 2017

The first thing we’re going to go through is the volume of jobs that we’ve projected will be available at any point in time in the first six months of 2017, so you can get a feel for the number of opportunities there will be.

Based on our current job listings, and from reviewing other job boards and recruitment platforms across the UK, we can project that there will be 300-350 pharmaceutical jobs across the UK in January 2017, within the Sales, Marketing and Market Access sectors.

Each vacancy normally has an average life span of 6-8 weeks before it is filled, which allows us to project these figures out further to estimate there will be at least 900 job opportunities that arise between now and June 2017.

Again, the vast majority of these will be in the Sales, Marketing and Market Access space. If you consider the total size of the UK industry workforce in these three fields fluctuates at around about 8,000 people, this means that vacancies will make up approximately 22% of the workforce across the year, consisting of new jobs and back-filling empty positions.

Which Companies Are Hiring?

Choosing which type of company to work for is something you should consider early on before you actually look at specific jobs.

There can be different benefits to working for both smaller, large and mid-sized organisations, and unless you have a concrete reason for preferring one over the other, it’s best to keep open minded and speak to a professional recruitment company who have a range of opportunities for you to explore. They should also be able to advise you on which might be best suited to your situation and personality in an objective way.

From the data and projections we have, the top ten pharma companies in the UK will provide around a quarter of all vacancies in the market each month from January to June. However the majority of vacancies in the market will come from mid-size and smaller pharma companies, who will make up approximately three quarters of all opportunities.

In general, a company’s size determines how much of a role an ordinary employee has in both the organisation’s successes and failures. And remember, whilst in smaller companies there’s potential for greater recognition when things go well, the downside is that there’ll be more accountability when they don’t!

Vacancies between January and June 2017 across differently sized companies

What Types of Roles Are Available?

At CHASE we categorise the types of job we have into seven core fields that cover different types of Sales, Market Access, Marketing and Head Office roles.

Unsurprisingly the majority of jobs will be in Sales based roles, and we estimate that Primary Care and GP / Hospital combined will make up approximately 40% of all opportunities. The next biggest segment is Specialist KAM roles c. 25%, followed by Hospital Specialist roles c. 10%. Marketing roles will account for c. 10%, with Market Access field based jobs c. 6%, Sales Management c. 4%, and other commercially focussed roles making up the rest. The most experienced of job seekers often have a clear idea about what type of job they want to go for when they’re looking for work, however for those of you who are less experienced or even new to this field, you might be surprised about the types of jobs you can apply for. That’s why we always recommend keeping an open mind and asking plenty of questions of your Recruitment Consultant to make sure you get something that you can get really excited about and either go for now, or start working towards for the future.

Types of vacancies in the market between January and June 2017

Thanks for taking time to read part one of our UK Pharma Job Market Report covering January to June 2017. If you’d like to receive our Salary Review for the different types of jobs available, just enter your details below and we’ll send them over to you.

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