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Graduates: five interview tips to help you land your dream job

 Graduates: five interview tips to help you land your dream job

When you have an interview coming up it’s completely normal to feel nervous, especially when you’re a recent graduate trying to secure a career in pharmaceutical and healthcare sales. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help get you through your interview:

Show off your skills
Demonstrate succinctly how you will transfer your skills, success, and capabilities into the role. Be prepared to elaborate on your areas of development and how you and the company can work on these together.


Demonstrate your research
Fully research and make that you can identify with the company culture, values, and perspectives. Make certain you live & breathe these values and bring them to life with your own examples and interpretation of what they mean to you.


Make an impact
The average interview lasts between 45-60 minutes. It’s a small window of time to deliver the right message. Make sure you have made credible impact with your competency answers; utilise the situation, task, action, result, learn (STARL) model & remember to check that the interviewer is happy with your answers.


Ask insightful questions
Show your self-assurance by asking insightful questions during the interview. For example:
“What constitutes success within this role and company?”
“How will I be measured in this role?”
“How will your company help me develop and progress?”


Gain a commitment
It’s vital to make sure you gain a commitment at the end of the interview. Close down the interview with something along the lines of:
“Do you see me fitting in with your team?”
“Do you need me to demonstrate any further skills or examples to convince you to take me forward to the next stage?”
“What does the next stage look like?”
“What qualities do the top performers in your team possess…have I demonstrated those qualities to you today?”

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