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GRADUATES - Working From Home Tips

By Kate O'Neill, National Graduate Business Lead

The University year has been cut short and we’re all having to adapt to a new way of studying and completing our degrees. But there are some major benefits to finishing the rest of the year at home, below are some tips to help you utilise this time and still finish the year on a high:

  • Make yourself a schedule – a lot of you may have done this whilst at University to manage your time around lectures, revision and extra-curricular activities, but it is just as important to do this at home too. You may feel you have less on your plate, but organising your time creates clarity and focus and a real sense of achievement once you completed the day. Have your timetable somewhere where you can see it and amend it over time if your priorities change and/or you complete certain modules.
  • Keep a work life balance – with everyone’s social lives being a lot quieter at the moment it can be tempting to prioritise studying over personal time, but it is still key to your progression to have some time to yourself and to still do the things you enjoy. Factor in exercising, reading a book or catching up with friends as part of your schedule, or it could be as simple as watching your favourite Netflix series for an hour as a break. Give yourself permission to rest and recuperate, otherwise you may find yourself burning out.
  • Talk to people – you may not be physically on campus at the moment, but with technology being as advanced as it is you can still keep in touch with people wherever you are. Stay in touch with your friends and in particular your course mates, share any successes and also any challenges you’re facing; it helps to talk and you may find a problem you have can be easily solved by getting another person’s perspective on it. Apps such as Zoom and Skype allow you to have group video chats which can be great fun and can allow you to have a proper catch up. Your lecturers are also still worth keeping in touch with for support and guidance.
  • Reflect – this is a new experience for everyone and no one is perfect, so don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t work well or changes need to be made to help you stay on track. Take each day as it comes and take time to reflect at the end of it; what worked well? What could I do differently? What have I learnt from today? Being able to reflect on your own performance and learn from your ‘mistakes’ is a skill that most employers love to see, so starting that now will not only help you finish your University year on a high, but also be great preparation for when you start going to interviews and enter the working world.
  • Keep motivated – everyone is motivated by different things; some people enjoy working to targets/deadlines, others are motivated by external factors such as a reward for getting good grades, what works for you? Think about the things that motivate you and use