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How Social Media Has Revolutionised Pharma and Healthcare Recruitment

In the days before the internet, pharma and healthcare recruitment was quite different and much less immediate.

If you noticed a job advert on the day of the deadline, you wouldn’t have been able to apply – the Royal Mail wouldn’t have delivered your CV on time! What’s more, the chances of finding the right job required the right connections and knowhow, and the right subscriptions to industry magazines or national newspapers.

But the process was shaken up with the dawn of the internet – and methods for recruitment have been diversifying and increasing in convenience ever since.

Google has removed the gulf between you and the companies you want to work for, allowing you to research them thoroughly and pitch your CV to their specifications. Guides on how to attain the perfect job (many of which can be found on our site) are easily accessible, broadening the pool of talent that will apply.

Recruiters Looking at You

And it’s a process that works both ways. While you keep an eye on the recruitment processes of pharmaceutical & healthcare companies, they’re keeping an eye on you. Research from recruiting software Company Jobvite claims that employers in all industries are set to increase recruitment via social media by up to a third.

David Lahey, VP International at Jobvite, said: “At first, many recruiters used these platforms just to check up on people, now full-blown campaigns can be run and candidates sourced.

“On top of this, recruiters are also starting to realise how much of an impact social media recruiting has on their employer brand. It can enhance and differentiate your business in the eyes of candidates.”

Stay Media-Smart

Most businesses use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for recruitment purposes – and they can dig deep to find out about your personal and professional habits.

Lahey continued: “The most pressing is to remember that nothing posted online ever truly goes away. The way to decide what to post requires a shift in thinking.

“You should not be living your life through social media, you must be curating it instead. Fully consider everything you post and, if you are truly worried about what to put online, make your profiles private.”

A Big Opportunity

But social media shouldn’t be viewed as a risk to your employment chances. It’s an opportunity which allows you to engage with pharmaceutical and healthcare employers more effectively, and respond to their job listings incisively and insightfully.


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