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How to be Prepared for the Post Covid Grad Job Market!

By Kate O'Neill, National Graduate Business Lead

How to be prepared for the post Covid grad job market:

  • Research! This is still just as important as ever, and with some of us having more time on our hands it’s the perfect chance to swot up on your industry knowledge. If you’re part of our Academy our Graduate Pack is a great start but utilise the internet too, as there’s so much to read around the NHS, industry news and relevant governing bodies such as the ABPI.
  • Network - Speaking to current medical reps is the perfect way to learn more about this career path and companies will want to see you have done this when you are applying. With most reps working from home, it’s a great time to use tools like LinkedIn to reach out to them and enhance your knowledge. Ask questions around what a typical day is like, what the challenges are of their role and how they communicate with their customers.
  • Practice - Interviews and assessment centres are the deciding factor in you getting into the industry, and with some companies kick starting their recruitment again on a remote basis it is still important for you to be perfecting your skills. Tasks such as a role play, competency-based interview and presentation feature heavily in the process, so use this time to build up your confidence and experience in them. If you have some spare time put a mock presentation together and practice in front of your family, use YouTube to watch mock sales calls and start thinking about experiences you would like to highlight during the interview part of an assessment centre.
  • Perfect your CV - Your CV is the first impression companies will have of you, so it’s important that it’s a positive one and it grabs their attention. It needs to be a representation of your personality and skills as much as a record of your educational background and work history. If you’re part of our Academy refer to our pack to follow a CV template or ask people around you for advice.
  • Understand the effects of Covid-19 - There is no doubt that Covid-19 will have a lasting effect on the industry, and it’s something to start looking into now to prepare you for the questions you may face during an interview. It will also enhance your knowledge of how your role may change as a new rep in the industry. There could be more of a mix of face-to-face, remote working and telephone contact with customers, so it’s important that you display your versatility and ability to adapt when speaking with prospective employers.