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How to Use Your Brag File to Sell Yourself at an Interview

Much like a folio that an artist, writer or designer would produce for a position, any shrewd pharma or healthcare sales rep should have a brag file if they want to really sell themselves at interview.

Also known as an achievement file, this document is like a finely tuned folder of your achievements and abilities across your career. And, if you’ve created it properly, it won’t fail to impress your interviewer.

But what should you do to make sure your brag file is accentuating the best parts of your professional standing?

1. Get certified

First of all, it’s important to make sure your official paperwork is printed out and in order. If going to a pharma interview, take a copy of your ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) certificate. For all interviews, it’s a good idea to have your passport and driving licence with you just in case they’re needed.

2. Get feedback

Receiving honest and positive feedback from your former employers (appraisals and performance reviews, for instance) and colleagues is one of the best ways to show that you’re both easy to work with and an effective employee. Collect as much positive feedback as you can for your brag file.

3. Collect sales data

While an interview and the aforementioned recommendations from former employers can show your human side, effective analysis of your talents with the use of sales data and other key performance indicators will show how you can quantitatively improve a company’s performance. Quite simply, you should be able to show where you are in the league tables on sales (Sales vs. Target, volume, growth, market share etc.) and activity (vs. industry average, company average etc.)

4. Show off your rewards

If you’ve been rewarded with anything by your former employers for joining the ‘Top Performers’ club – a free trip abroad, for example – make the spoils from your hard work known.  Ensure that the hard work you put into winning these rewards, and what it meant to you, is made clear and you’ll impress anyone considering hiring you.

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