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New Year, New Job? How to make your career move in 2018

New year, new job? How to make your career move in 2018

Resolutions, goals, and ambitions are front of mind at this time of year. Each new year feels the perfect time to re-evaluate where you are at in life.

Across the pharmaceutical, healthcare and clinical industries, as well as many others, people are asking ‘what other jobs could I do?’ – is this you?

If so, don’t worry! We’re here to help – as we explore how you can make a move in 2018.

Begin with the end in mind

Dr Stephen R. Covey introduced the habit of beginning with the end in mind to the world in 1988, and this is no less true when planning your career trajectory.

Across the pharmaceutical, healthcare and clinical industries – from sales & marketing, to leadership & account management – it’s time to decide what you really want from your career.

Is there such thing as the ‘perfect job’ for you? Are you happy in your current role? Do you feel valued and rewarded? Do you have space and scope to grow?

Secure the future you envision - Dr Stephen R. Covey


Inevitably, emotions tend to be a huge contributing factor in our career decisions.

Yet research demonstrates that neither happiness nor anger inspire good decisions, so try to keep emotion out of the ‘should I move jobs?’ equation.

Having clarity about what you want from your job(s) in the next ten, five, and even two years will allow you to focus your energy, deciding what actions are necessary to achieve the pinnacle of your pharmaceutical, healthcare, or clinical career.

Growth in your career, requires knowing when you are in danger of becoming too comfortable!

Whether you work in pharma, healthcare, or a clinical setting, you should find excitement in developing ideas, and discovering new ways to solve problems. Helping you find a role that pushes you to be the best you can is where we excel.

Aim before you strike

Once you’ve decided on your long-term goals, it’s time to establish some SMART targets that make the journey to the pinnacle of your career a path with a series of steps, rather than one huge leap.

Understand what you need to do to achieve your work goals, and stop yourself feeling overwhelmed

Setting targets will make your career journey more rewarding, and research shows that enjoyment predicts people’s persistence to pursue goals far more than how much importance they place on that goal.

And there’s an even stronger motivation for setting targets.

Kaitlin Woolley, Ayelet Fishbach


SMART targets established to achieve your goal will help you when you reach the job interview stage, as they will enable you to explain why you want the job, and how you went about researching your options.


6 targets to kick-start your dream career journey

  • Research your options online through search engines and industry websites, then draft an updated CV in next two weeks

  • Gain input and feedback on your CV (in relation to your goals) from a credible recruitment company

  • List any skills or knowledge gaps you have between where you are now and where you want to get to, and take steps to upskill yourself

  • Set yourself a date to go back to the recruitment company with a revised CV and a solid record of achievement in place to demonstrate your readiness

  • Start the process of closing those gaps through education courses and accredited online learning, and speaking to people who are already in the types of jobs you’re interested in

  • Work with your recruiter to narrow down on 2-3 jobs that really excite you, then go for them!

Skills to succeed

Whatever your career goal, its crucial you assess your skillset, and take the steps to upskill yourself to help you get to where you want to be.

Get to grips with the skills you need to succeed in your specialism, and be prepared to invest time and money in yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, create a plan before you act and build time and discipline into your weekly schedule to make it happen.

Don’t neglect your current job

Perhaps easier said than done – but staying on top of your current job is vitally important in giving yourself the best shot in your career.

The UK Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Clinical industries require you to be at the top of your game.

Losing focus on your existing role by putting too much energy into making the next step too soon is like setting yourself up for failure.

Your current employer will provide you with a reference, and at interview stage you’ll need to discuss your recent performance.

You landed your current job for a reason – remind yourself of the things you first loved about your role, and work hard to retain your initiative and contribute innovation. 

The key to achieving your career goals? Positivity

Finding the job you want often isn’t easy, but the key is to remain positive. Whether you’re looking to move up the career ladder, or step into a completely new area of work, being able to continuously identify positives contributes to you being healthy and successful.

Getting caught in a negative mind-set can actually prohibit your job prospects.

Appreciate the things you have in your life and take pride in yourself for continuing to be ambitious and learning new things. Give yourself the best chance to succeed by developing a positive outlook.



Food for thought?

Start the journey of making your career move now. We’re here to help you achieve your goals in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Clinical industries every step of the way. 

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