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Psychometric Testing in Pharma and Healthcare

Clare Jones, Senior Consultant, has contributed to the “Psychometric Testing in Pharma” article appearing in this month’s Pf magazine:

There are three main types of psychometric tests: aptitude and ability tests, skill and attainment testing, and personality testing. They are designed to allow employers and recruiters the ability to check a potential employee’s mental abilities, personality traits, skill, motivations, intellect, and interests. By applying psychometric assessments, the emphasis is to ensure that only the right people are hired.

Typically, a psychometric test should never be used in isolation, but as one part of a wider, integrated evaluation strategy. When used with other selection tools (e.g. interview or assessment centre), an employer can get a more rounded view of the candidate’s likelihood of success.

Rather than focusing retrospectively on experience and skills, psychometric tests can be useful in assessing a candidate’s future potential and possible development needs. Given the limitations of an interview situation, this is often otherwise difficult to ascertain. They can also be advantage in helping candidates, who feel that they have underperformed in their interview or assessment centre, make up some lost ground.

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