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Starting a new job? How can you make the most of this opportunity?

The first 30 days 
First impressions count. The early days are going to be some of the most important. Get a good feel for the way things work in the company. They're all different! Focus on the business, the competitors, the market, and key internal stakeholders.

Consider how you build a working relationship with your line manager and team. Go into your first meetings with an open mind but also be mindful of priorities, for example: What are we trying to achieve asa team? What's my role within the team? What are the biggest challenges likely to be? How should I prioritise/address these challenges?

Be sure to document these early conversations. Take notes for future reference. 



Days 30 to 90

By now you'll have a better understanding of how things work and what's required to be successful. You'll also be more confident with the products and offering, and you'll be starting to build relationships with customers. 

Continue speaking regularly to your line manager. It's always best to be aware of your progress and get ahead of any issues before they arise. Show initiative, ask questions and take a thoughtful approach to your new job. Set clear goals for yourself and be sure to be seen as someone with positive energy and focus. 



90 days + 

You will hopefully be showing signs that you're on the road to success! Consider bringing fresh ideas to your team - one at a time. Choose something that you think will make a difference and present it in an objective way. You may get agreement. If you don't, try again with a different idea another time.


If things aren't going as well as you'd hoped, don't get too disheartened. It's still early days. The first few months can be challenging. It can take time to find your momentum in new surroundings. Rather than worry, focus on what it take s to be successful and ensure your manager is helping you to prioritise. Remember, you were selected ahead of everyone else for the job. Keep faith in your own ability. With hard work, proper focus and a positive attitude you will make it work!