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Taking Your Next Step: What to Do After You Have Been a Medical Sales Representative

Careers in medical devices or pharmaceutical sales are like any other in at least one aspect: you want to progress. If your passion and ambition are telling you that you want more then you are likely looking for your next role.

If, like many, this is your first promotion within the industry then you may be unsure of exactly what you are looking for, what you should expect and what you need to do to ensure you stand out from your competition – it is a highly competitive market, after all. Here is the advice of Andreas Knight – one of our highly experienced Recruitment Consultants here at CHASE.

What next?

Once established as a successful Medical Sales Representative, there are two likely paths that you can then take. The first is to move to the more strategic role of a Key Account Manager (which will encompass dedicated CCG and Secondary Care exposure) and the second would be a Hospital Specialist (where you will work more clinically, influencing stakeholders in the hospital environment). Which one you move into will depend on your personal preferences.

The perfect candidate?

No one is perfect, but you can certainly aim to be. Ideal candidates – and those who find it easier to get that next job – are the candidates who are able to prove what they have achieved and are able to demonstrate the positive outcomes of their work through increased product usage and market share.

Brag files

If you have not already started a brag file (also known as an achievement file) then that is where you should start – it is the collection of evidence you will want to bring to an interview to back up the claims you make (because what you say is great, but it is very important to back it up). For those just starting theirs, you will find what you need in our other posts on “What is in an achievement file” and “What employers look for in a brag file”. In short though, it should show project management experience and the sales success achieved – all in the STARL format (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Learnings).


We are, of course, somewhat biased on this front, but having a great recruiter in your corner can open many doors! If you can convince a recruiter that you are really worthy of your next career move then they will in turn really push your applications forward with hiring managers, making it much more likely that you will secure an interview and ultimately your dream job


This is another area where a recruiter will really help. Not only will they keep you realistic about what salary you can reasonably expect, but they will also know a wide amount about the different bonus schemes in place. Salaries will obviously differ between companies and on your skills and experience, but moving into your second role in the industry you can expect a reasonable uplift on your current salary. Bonuses too differ, but these could be in the region of 10-20% base salary – again, this is information your recruiter will be able to help with.

In short

Pharma and medical device sales are highly competitive industries, so making that step up – especially the first time you do it – will not be easy. But for those who can really demonstrate the value they brought in their previous role and use the best recruiters the likelihood of success is much higher.

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