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The Big Question: What Does a Medical Sales Rep Actually Do?

If you’re enthusiastic, self-motivated, goal orientated, possess exemplary organisational skills and are able to work independently, a career as a medical sales representative could be right for you.

But what does this role actually involve?

If you’re a recent graduate who’s unsure of which vocational path to take, we’ve put together a short overview of the training and day-to-day activities a medical sales rep would be expected to carry out.

Take a look …

Training and Development

When you start out in medical sales, the initial training course will be extensive and is designed to fully prepare you for the role. This course is a combination of theory and practical work, and, importantly, training will continue as your career progresses.

Working Independently

Medical sales reps are based from home and are tasked with making appointments to see healthcare professionals. This includes GPs, nurses, pharmacists, practice managers and nursing homes.

Of course, the healthcare professionals you’d be dealing with are interested in finding out what products can best help their patients, but, like any role, there’ll be days when things don’t quite go to plan, so it’s crucial you have the resolve to shake off unexpected events.

Your employer will have a comprehensive list of healthcare professionals in the area, with a medical sales rep usually given around 250 GPs to manage. From there, it would be your job to secure access to your target list and persuade them to prescribe/use/endorse your product.

Spotting and Developing Opportunities

A vital part of the job is the ability to spot and develop opportunities.

The healthcare professionals you would call on are often constrained by both time and budget, so it’s important you have the tenacity to pursue the appointment without being discourteous to the customer.

Added to that, the role would require you to plan your territory effectively and be able to communicate with people in a variety of different positions. To that end, it’s vital to be friendly, courteous and, of course, professional at all times.

Meeting Goals

It goes without saying that the role of a medical sales rep is to sell, which means you must be motivated by achieving short, medium and long term goals, as a pharmaceutical or healthcare company will set weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets.

For the reps who meet and exceed those targets, the rewards will follow.

Joining a Visionary Industry

Given that the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in the UK is at the forefront of some of the most significant discoveries in medicine, it inevitably requires high-calibre reps to advocate the benefits of effective and ground-breaking products.

Do you think you have what it takes?

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