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Thinking About a Career in Pharmaceutical or Healthcare Sales?

Thinking About a Career in Pharmaceutical or Healthcare Sales?

Why is there a need for medical sales roles?

Even today, there are still many diseases which cannot be cured by existing medicines/ surgical treatment. Discovery and development of new medicines is vital but bringing new and innovative drugs/devices to market requires a huge amount of time, investment and expertise. Once a new product or device is approved for use, it falls to the commercial division of a company to ensure they can deliver these advances in medicine to the population. Within the commercial side of a company, there are many people working together to ensure that their products are successful (e.g. sales, marketing, market access, training, and medical communications).

What kind of roles can a graduate apply for?

For graduates entering the commercial side of a pharmaceutical or healthcare company, the most common entry point is as a Medical Sales Representative. In the UK, unlike the USA, prescription medicines are not allowed to be advertised to the general public. Instead they must be promoted to doctors, who then choose whether to prescribe them. Medical Sales Representatives visit doctors on a regular basis to uncover their needs, explain the relevant features and benefits of their company's products whilst answering any questions they may have. Sales Representatives become highly-skilled and well-respected, often continuing to develop their career in more senior sales roles selling to a range of different customers (e.g. Hospital Consultants, Procurement, Clinical Commissioning Groups CCGs).

What career progression is there in medical sales?

Some successful Representatives decide to progress their career by moving into a Head Office marketing role. People who work in marketing need to have sound knowledge of the clinical profile of their products, as well as a strong understanding of competitors and customers. Therefore, time as a Medical Representative prepares them well. Others move into Sales Management managing teams of Medical Sales Representatives or perhaps into Sales Training to design and deliver training courses to new and experienced representatives. Additionally, some people choose to progress their career in roles allied to the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare industry such as working in Healthcare Communications or Advertising.

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