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What’s Right for You: Contract or Permanent?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this blog isn’t as simple as you may think.

Many candidates start their quest for a career change by searching for a new permanent job, simply because this is all they’ve thought about prior to speaking to their recruitment consultant. However for the last few years there has been a growing trend in the number of candidates coming to CHASE proactively seeking out the best contract job opportunities in the UK Pharma and Healthcare industries, and as this trend continues we’ve decided to write this summary for you to outline the advantages of both contract and permanent jobs. It will help you think in a different way about your career and how you can shape every move to your advantage.

Advantages Of A Contract Job

Due to the ever changing regulatory nature and competitive landscapes of the bio-tech, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, contract sales and other interim/ contract opportunities play a critical role in the strategy of almost every Company.

For example, as UK Pharma has evolved over the last few years there has been a growing emphasis on areas like pricing and market access, meaning the Pharma industry has steadily increased its reliance on flexible staffing solutions.

For job seekers, contract sales and other opportunities in Pharma and Healthcare can indeed offer a wide range of benefits over permanent jobs.

For example, the contract route provides ambitious individuals opportunities to explore new employment prospects and experiences.

For a person who wants to get into the industry, contract sales opportunities are often a great way to break-through the glass ceiling to land that all important first job. In a similar vein, those people who are already ‘in’ the industry will find certain companies never seem to advertise vacancies in the public domain. These are often the ones who only hire contract people to start with, giving them an opportunity to build their reputation and position themselves in line for the next permanent job that comes up.

Other people simply love the idea of variety, so for them contract opportunities means a more regular cycle of changing companies and selling in different therapy areas. They know that as companies like CHASE have such a regular supply of contract jobs, they can rely on us to keep lining up their next job time and time again (in fact in many cases CHASE’s pastoral service is so good some people prefer working through us!)

So as you can see, if you like variety, want to get a foot in the door or want to try new things out, then contract jobs in Pharma and Healthcare can really help you to shape and in many ways future proof your career.

Advantages Of A Permanent Job

On the other side of the coin we’ve got permanent jobs, which as you’d expect make up the majority of opportunities in the Pharma and Healthcare industries.

Permanent jobs are often perceived as offering an individual the benefit of things like job stability and a more structured career path.

Many people find these things motivating as they buy into a company culture and it helps to give them a clear view of the ‘next step’ within an organisation. Many companies believe this should improve and enhance the individual’s performance.

Companies providing permanent jobs usually understand the need of promoting higher levels of job satisfaction to retain staff and improve overall workforce happiness and performance. Different Pharma and Healthcare organisations do this in different ways, and it’s also worth mentioning that Contract Sales Organisations, like CHASE, also spend a lot of time and effort on training and pastoral care.

In addition, some companies use permanent job opportunities to provide longer term benefits such as company pension plans. However new legislation means that all Contract Sales opportunities will now offer at least a Work Place Pension and in many cases will provide something in excess of this minimum requirement.

In summary

So, hopefully you’ve now got a better understanding of the advantages of both Permanent and Contract opportunities.

As you can see there are real advantages to both types of jobs in the Pharma and Healthcare industries and it really pays to be open minded and think carefully about how each and every opportunity that comes to your attention might offer you short and long term benefits to your career.

When you work with a recruitment consultant from CHASE you’ll have the opportunity to explore both Permanent and Contract Sales opportunities (or if you’re a Marketer, Permanent and Interim Marketing roles). As we’re the only Recruiter and CSO who meets EVERY one of our candidates face to face, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss each of these roles and what the benefits each can have on your career.

If you’d like to know more and arrange a confidential discussion to explore your career options, please email your CV over to or call us on 0131 553 6644 and we can take it from there.

We look forward to helping you achieve great things!

Victoria Henderson
Recruitment Consultant; Scotland/North East England/Northern Ireland