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CV Tips

  • Tailor your CV for each role
  • List your successes and achievements – sell yourself!
  • No mistakes – check and re-check
  • 3 pages max – do not bore the reader!

Some tips from our consultants

“Regardless of your length of career your CV should be a maximum of 3 pages! If you’re less experienced then a 2 page CV is perfect' 

Kelly Davis (South West & Thames Valley Recruitment Consultant)

'Check and re-check your CV for grammatical errors. Ask friends or family to check over your CV as a fresh pair of eyes might spot something you have missed' 

Andreas Knight (East Anglia and London Recruitment Consultant)

'Set up a personal email address rather than using a work email address. Many companies now send out personality questionnaires as part of the application process and will not send anything to a work email address' 

Helen Weller (South East Recruitment Consultant)

'The best CV's are concise and have a professional format – a good font to use is Tahoma and do not include a photograph of yourself''

Judy Phillips (Recruitment Director)