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Interview Preparation

  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – do your homework
  • First impressions matter – leave nothing to chance – are those shoes shiny?
  • Be prepared for every interview type – be flexible, think on your feet
  • Tell them that you want the job – this can make a big difference
  • Close the interview – this is vital for all roles at all levels

Some tips from our consultants

'Always have a copy of your CV in front of you when at the interview, so you can follow dates etc. with the interviewer'

Kelly Davis (South West & Thames Valley Recruitment Consultant)

'Do your homework on a Company. You must have a solid answer why you want to join the Company and know the products you would be responsible for”

Kirstie Justice (W & E Midlands Recruitment Consultant)

‘Give yourself plenty of time to get to an interview and allow yourselves extra time for unforeseen circumstances like for traffic jams or getting lost etc. Prepare your journey beforehand and don’t solely rely on Sat Nav!'

Helen Weller (South East Recruitment Consultant)

'Don’t discuss money at first interview unless the manager brings it into the conversation first'

Clare Jones (North West Recruitment Consultant)

'If you are applying for a pharmaceutical sales role, it is essential you close the interview well. Try different types of closes as you don’t want the same close as every other candidate'

Victoria Henderson (Scotland & N East Recruitment Consultant)

'When preparing your answers before the interview, always think if I was an interviewer and heard that answer, is it what I would want to hear?'

Kelly Davis (South West Recruitment Consultant)

'Dress to impress! Formal and professional is key'

Judy Phillips (Recruitment Director)

'Make sure you have prepared STAR answers for relevant competencies for the company and role you are applying for' 

Kate O’Neill (Graduate Recruitment Consultant)