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Social Media

  • Can be a fantastic way to seek out information and new opportunities
  • However use it carefully – think about what you post into the public domain;
  • Manage and maintain your online reputation just as carefully as you do your offline reputation.

What you need to know

We all know the benefits of social media when it comes to job hunting. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube are all now used, very successfully, by both employers and job hunters.

However be aware that these social media platforms can also work against you – be careful!

Depending on how heavily and carefully you use social media; many aspects of your world will potentially be visible to potential Pharmaceutical and Healthcare employers.

They can check if your social media information tallies with your CV; are you consistent with the information you are giving?; they can check your spelling and grammar (important!); they can see what you do in your social time (those pictures from the party last weekend); they can see what other people think of you; they can see what comments you may have made about them or your interview etc...

You have to assume, usually it is not advised to assume but on this occasion it is allowed, that any potential employer will check you out on as many social media platforms as they possibly can.

Therefore if securing that dream job within the Pharmaceutical or Healthcare sector is a priority, make sure that your use of social media is working for you, not against you.

Manage and maintain your online reputation just as carefully as you do with your offline reputation.

What they see may influence their decision to hire you, OR NOT!