Case Studies

Assessing the Market Potential of a New Medicine

A UK pharmaceutical company wishing to increase its portfolio of speciality generics, was considering in-licensing a product in a therapy area new to the company. 

The company had conducted initial due diligence, however they wanted to ensure they had fully evaluated the relevant market factors, before finalising the in-licensing commercial arrangements.

With limited internal knowledge of the therapy area, the company commissioned CHASE to supplement their initial work.

 Over a month, CHASE carried out a market analysis for the company including; 

  • Analysis of the relevant four nations sales data and formulary statuses 
  • Analysis of the competitor activities and resource levels
  • Primary market research with relevant HCPs across the patient journey to determine the different drivers of treatment choice 
  • Impact assessment of different pricing scenarios and likely competitor responses

CHASE’s report confirmed that the product had strong growth potential and included detailed recommendations on the pricing and resource levels that would be required for a successful launch.

With this knowledge the company was able to advance the in-licensing negotiation and seek terms that would support the recommended UK pricing strategy.