1st September 2021

The challenge

Clients increasingly want to introduce graduates to their sales organisation with up to 2 years experience post graduation, not necessarily from within the UK Pharmaceutical industry.

Rationale :

  • To reinvigorate an existing sales organisation
  • To provide a source of future talent for the organisation

The solution

We mobilised our graduate recruitment consultant team from our industry leading CHASE Graduate Academy.

Using our existing database, we interviewed and put forward suitable, selected graduates for assessments by our client companies.

We then deploy our multi-award winning Project Management Team to provide in role pastoral care.

The outcomes

1 Specific Client

  • 58 graduate placements in 9 months
  • 86% remained in post for over 12 months
  • 57% promoted in role within 18-24 months
  • 17% promoted into various Head Office roles

5 Years of statistics across several clients

  • 98% of CHASE graduate candidates are successful in either their 1st or 2nd job application (often when in competition to traditional experienced pharma reps)
  • Over 80% are still working in Pharma/Healthcare after 5 years
  • Over 30% have been promoted in that time
  • Over 50% are in the same organisation they started with
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