CHASE clinical

CHASE clinical support Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies by deploying our clinical research nurses and study facilitators to offer flexible and timely patient recruitment solutions. This increases the chances of better-quality data and outputs from clinical studies being carried out in the UK Primary and Secondary care settings.

Hands-on patient recruitment solutions 

Demand for clinical studies (including, but not limited to Real World evidence) & good quality research data in primary and secondary care is increasing. At the same time, the clinical study landscape has never been more challenging – protocol and data requirements are complex, and budgetary/timescale slippage is common. In addition, inadequate feasibility and a lack of appropriate patient recruitment resources on site can lead to additional costs and ultimately delays in high quality medicines reaching patients.

CHASE clinical offers bespoke, innovative solutions to support on time clinical trial delivery in primary and secondary care.

Our experienced team specialises in the recruitment and delivery of real world evidence and community based patient recruitment and can offer tailored support across the lifecycle of a study including:


  • Site selection– Detailed feasibility and selection of performance focused research sites.
  • High quality people– Speedy and agile resourcing by providing high calibre clinical nursing and support staff.
  • Patient recruitment– Greater certainty of on-time delivery through experienced project and study management.
  • High quality outputs– Increased chances of high quality data delivery.


All implemented to the highest quality ICH/GCP governance standards ensuring the best possible experience for healthcare professionals and patients participating in clinical research.

If you would like to find out more about how CHASE clinical can support your clinical studies please visit our website on or contact Steve Clarke on 0131 553 6644 or at