Healthcare providers have substantive pressures on their time and budgets. Increasingly, there is the added complexity of new ways of working that rely on virtual interactions. As the impact of the recently announced changes to the NHS starts to be felt, this is a great time to look at brands with fresh eyes and identify where there may be unexplored customer value. Based on recent brand strategy work CHASE has carried out for clients, here are two areas that can be considered when assessing the value of your brand from a customer perspective.


Does your brand have features that make it easier to use than alternatives? Does your brand have very clear dosing instructions and/or titration guidance? Does your brand have few drug-drug-interactions making it a preferable option where polypharmacy is common? Have you made available support programmes to assist with patient management? Can you resurrect these programmes if they are dormant or share them in novel ways to make them accessible to greater numbers of customers?

Can the features of your brand or service result in a time saving somewhere along the patient journey? Less time to explain to patients how to use a medicine; fewer queries from community pharmacy to GPs; fewer calls to a hospital medicines information service.

Time savings can be small on an individual level but cumulatively can make a meaningful difference to the delivery of healthcare. If you can quantify the time savings that could be made, this can be powerful and helpful supportive information for your customers.

Reduced patient contact time

Does your brand have features that enable patients to receive great care but with less healthcare team time and fewer requirements for patients to be physically present in healthcare premises?

Does your brand enable treated in an outpatient setting rather than in theatre?

Is your brand suitable for homecare delivery and can increased numbers of patients be supported to receive their treatment in this way?

Has the emphasis of the value proposition for your long-acting treatment changed, given patients on your brand can attend clinic fewer times than for alternatives?

Has the emphasis of the value proposition for your short-acting treatment changed, given that once initiated, patients do not need to attend clinic for administration and can be given titration support through telephone consultations?

Working with customers to understand local care pathways and resource optimisation initiatives can help align the positioning of your brand or service with local priorities and identify areas where your proposition may need to be strengthened to meet changing local needs.


As we emerge from the response to the pandemic, evaluating how your brand value fits with the evolving priorities of the NHS will be key.

At CHASE we have expertise in brand strategy and implementation, delivering outsourced solutions for identified opportunities across promotional, educational and collaborative-working interventions.

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