To avoid delays to clinical programmes, and the subsequent impact on budgets and launch timelines, it is vital to: 

  1. ensure timely recruitment of patients
  2. retain the patients successfully enrolled  


We support pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to set their clinical trials up for success

  • Advising on clinical research site feasibility
  • Liaising with established sites and supporting new site set up
  • Deploying contract clinical research staff
  • Flexible and timely patient recruitment solutions
  • Compliant data collection services
  • Bespoke support for principal investigators


The CHASE difference

  • We build and manage outsourced solutions providing clinical research and support staff
  • We offer rescue recruitment at short notice
  • We work with experience sites and sites newer to clinical trials that can offer faster recruitment opportunities.  
  • All our services increase the likelihood of better-quality data and outputs from UK based clinical studies across primary and secondary care settings.
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James Sedgley
Clinical Team Director
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