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Emma Busy

Emma Busy

Projects Director

How long have you been with CHASE and what are your responsibilities?

I joined CHASE in December 2002 and the time has literally flown by. I am responsible for the people who work in our CHASE Teams and on short term VM projects.

What’s your background prior to joining CHASE?

After graduating I worked in retail management, telesales and then saw the light (and the car) and moved into Pharmaceutical Sales. I moved into Head Office roles that included Recruitment & Project Management, Business Development and Managing & Leading Teams. I stepped out of the corporate world for 3 years in search of snow, Colorado was my final destination. I worked for Vail Mountain for 2 years & and in the summers worked and rode at a Ranch nearby. I finished my adventures in France before being hunted down, whilst sitting in a bar, by Chris Phillips (MD) and a few weeks later was conversely sitting in a cold wet Edinburgh signing a contract to join CHASE. The rest is history!

What do you see as the opportunities for CHASE over the next 5 years?

Having seen our business expand dramatically over the last 5 years I have no doubt we will continue to deliver the very best people and service to candidates and clients alike. We will continue to grow and develop without compromise. I see our Specialist Teams in greater demand and fully expect that over the next few months and years we will be further involved in the delivery of not just great people but supporting our Clients with design and delivery of brand/ portfolio and strategy.

What makes CHASE different to other providers of People Solutions?

Our people and passion and drive for excellence without compromise.

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