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Tom Herrington

Tom Herrington

Consultant (Graduates)

How long have you been with CHASE and what is your area of responsibility?

I joined CHASE in August 2017 to recruit within the expanding Graduate division of CHASE. I deal with recruitment across both the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare divisions for the North East, Yorkshire & Humber, East Midlands, East Anglia, North London and the South East as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What’s your background prior to joining CHASE?

I came into CHASE almost straight out of University. Initially as a graduate candidate for a Medical Sales role, I took a fantastic opportunity with CHASE to come and work in recruitment. I had grown up with my Dad working in the Pharmaceutical industry and knew I wanted to get involved – joining CHASE allowed me to get into the industry from another angle where I could use my experience as a graduate candidate to excel.

What types of role will you be recruiting for?

I will be recruiting Graduates for entry-level commercial roles within both Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies. These Sales and Marketing roles are fantastic ways to break into the industry and hold the potential for fantastic career progression. 

What’s the single best bit of advice you can give to a candidate?

The best advice I could give any candidate is to play to your strengths. If there is one thing Graduates do best, it is research. Using the research skills that you developed throughout your degree to develop a thorough understanding of the role and the technical aspects of the industry are the best ways to put yourself ahead of the curve in terms of employability. If you’re fresh out of University as I was, don’t let it deter you – your fresh enthusiasm and drive to succeed is a fantastic asset to exploit and one that many employers look for in a candidate. If you use all that in tandem with attributes like punctuality, organisation and thorough preparation, you’ll ensure you stand out ahead of competing candidates.


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