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Ross MacPhee

Ross MacPhee

Business Development

How long have you been with CHASE and what are your responsibilities?

I joined CHASE in January 2018. My role is Business Development Manager for our CSO range of services, which means I develop and maintain business relationships with our customers so I can help find solutions to their business challenges, and in turn help them achieve their business goals.

What’s your background prior to joining CHASE?

I have a strong background in outsourcing solutions, specifically in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. I worked for a significant amount of time at Quintiles in a variety of operational and business development leadership roles. From 2010 I set up and led the Multi-Channel Services department at Quintiles in the UK and went on to lead this service area across Europe. I have also run my own consultancy, which has allowed me to spend time working within pharmaceutical companies, helping to find solutions to some of their internal challenges.

What do you see as the opportunities for CHASE over the next 5 years?

Having the capability to find great people and place them in roles where they’ll do great things is never going to cease being important, so I see lots to opportunity for growth in CHASE. The exciting thing for CHASE is the breadth and diversity of our services, which have been powered by recent investments. The breadth in our services mean we are in a strong position to support our customers whatever their need, and with a consistent focus on quality and delivery. I’m really excited and optimistic about the growth we can continue to realise.

Without question the industry is evolving, whether that be through game-changing medicines, changes in market dynamics influenced by policy or competition, changes in information and data required for market access or different promotional and service models that offer flexibility, impact and a focus on customer experience – change is all around us. Change is a constant; it requires us all to be continually flexible - working with CHASE, as a partner, offers our customers this in spades. Our solutions are developed to help you remain and feel in control.

What makes CHASE different to other providers of People Solutions?

Our people and what they deliver time and time again!

There is often much talk about the importance of people in achieving success, but at CHASE we not only believe this we live it. You only need to spend a short time in our office or with members of our team to understand the desire and effort to deliver for our customers. It’s reasonably easy to talk about what the right solution should be, but less easy to deliver it with the people who will make it a success.

We believe that people matter; they matter to your success and they matter to our success. Helping people realise their potential is directly linked to how they feel, and this stems from how they are treated. While no organisation is perfect CHASE puts a lot of effort into how we treat people and we believe this matters towards the results our people deliver for you.

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