Why Medical Sales is a great career

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A great career choice

You may have graduated recently and are looking to establish your career, or have graduated a few years ago and are now looking for a different career direction that will utilise the commercial experience you have gained and provide you with future opportunities. With either background, Medical Sales could be right for you.

The main misconception about getting into Medical Sales is that you need a Science based degree. Whilst this may be preferable for some clients, we regularly place into Medical Sales jobs Graduates from a variety of different disciplines. So whatever your academic background, Medical Sales could be a great career choice for you.

In recent years, as the NHS becomes more cost conscious, there is an appetite for a more commercial skill set to be utilised within the UK Pharmaceutical Sales industry.

Therefore through our Graduate Academy, CHASE supports both new Graduates and experienced Graduates already working in commercial positions in other industries, to enter the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries for the first time. This gives our client's teams a wider and more commercial skill–set vs. their competitors, and provides our candidates with unique opportunities to move into a new and exciting field.

The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry is one of the world's most visionary industries and some of the most significant discoveries in medicine originated here in the UK. The success of modern medicines has helped to combat the impact of disease and infection throughout the world. In order to further improve our quality of life, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly developing new and improved medicines with which to treat existing and newly discovered illnesses.

The Pharmaceutical industry is governed by a professional body with stringent regulations and it strives to employ high–calibre candidates who will adhere to these rules and are advocates for their company.

Is Medical Sales the career for you?