Most common questions from Clinical Pharmacy Congress

The most common questions Andreas and Leonie were asked...

We recently exhibited for the first time at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress on 12th and 13th of May along with our sister company, Medacy.

During our two days we received a variety of queries from attendees including: Associate Clinical Pharmacists, Practice Pharmacists, Practice Support Pharmacists, PCN Pharmacists, Lead Pharmacists, Hospital Pharmacists, Meds Optimisation Pharmacists, Senior Clinical Pharmacists, Pre-Reg Pharmacists, Locum Community Pharmacists, Superintendent Pharmacists. We’ve outlined some key questions our team were asked.

How can I get a job in the industry?

Leonie: We love to hear from candidates looking to start their careers within the pharmaceutical industry and the best thing to get started is to speak with one of our recruitment consultants. You can reach out to us directly here by applying for a role, call 0131 553 6644 or email

What options are open to me in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Andreas: Many routes are available to forward thinking and innovative pharmacists. This can follow a clinical or commercial pathway, for example, this could be either embarking on a Medical Information or Drug Safety/Reg Affairs remit or could be a promotional role based in a specific geography/territory. In a promotional role you will be interacting with NHS stakeholders [typically Practice Pharmacists] in order to identify patients and increase usage of a particular drug. Alternatively you could be responsible for the sales of a portfolio of products to a variety of Healthcare professionals in primary and/or secondary care. Beyond these particular roles, options could exist to progress into a Medical Science Liaison role where you would be the scientific expert on a peer to peer level, or longer term, pharmacists can make it into a medical department where they can work towards the highly coveted final signatory status.

How do I find out more about joining the Pharma Industry?

Andreas: It is essential to undertake as much research as possible relating to the type of role that you wish to pursue. For example, with a Medical Science Liaison position would suggest contacting other MSL’s to gain a deeper understanding of the role and what the main demands, challenges and priorities are. This will help you decide that it will be the right career move for you and broaden your knowledge in advance of future interviews.

Try to find about out the mechanics of the various departments and entities within a pharma company and how they all collaborate to ensure best outcomes for the patient, there are plenty of resources online particularly on LinkedIn, but the best perspective can be gained via speaking to pharma company employees.

We’d also be delighted to assist you in your search for more information, so please feel free to reach out to us directly via here, call 0131 553 6644 or email

Is networking important?

Leonie: Network as much as possible with the clinicians you work alongside to build up a strong contact base. Also try to gain exposure to therapeutic areas that you have a particular interest in, for example, work in an oncology unit to broaden knowledge and understanding of the therapy /disease area. This will help you be seen as a more desirable candidate to a potential employer with products in this field. 

For those who don’t have experience in primary care, get more exposure to this so you understand the decision-making processes and constraints for prescribing. My key message would be to get the contacts and knowledge, this will open more doors for you.

What roles do you currently have?

Both: All of our live vacancies are accessible through our website here and are updated on a daily basis. You can also keep up to date on our vacancies through our LinkedIn jobs that are advertised here. Follow our company page here to find out more.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Clinical Pharmacy Congress and meeting all the attendees. We look forward to exhibiting at Clinical Pharmacy Congress – North on 3rd and 4th November 2023.