31st October 2022

The challenge

Following on from a recent product launch, more momentum was required and a broader range of customers needed to be seen. Increase advocacy to differentiate the key benefits over the competitor to more Health Care Professionals.

The solution

The decision was to go with 3 flexible remote KAM’s to work across a number of hospitals tasked to target key customers who have not been seen for over 2 years. Also to expand the number of customers and increase sales. Have a dedicated Project Manager to support the remote coaching and have fortnightly touch point meetings to make sure everything was on track.

The outcomes

After the initial challenge of sourcing the right customers to target the impact has been extremely positive. The communication between the team has been excellent. They keep each other motivated and are always sharing best practice. They were tasked with seeing 2 customers per day, but are over achieving with 4.5 per day.

There are several hospitals who have not purchased the product for over 6 years are now starting to buy it in. Also, some hospitals that have never purchased before have now started to do so.

Customer feedback

“I wanted to take the time to say that both Amanda and Georgina are great to work with. Both throughout this project have demonstrated an excellent attitude towards their work and tried very hard to become useful members of the wider commercial team. Throughout this project, they have both demonstrated an excellent work ethic and application with their work.”