20th March 2023

The challenge

The client required a remote selling solution to supplement the efforts of field based KAMs. They wanted to rapidly increase awareness of newly launched brands and grow share in a highly competitive market. There was also a requirement that their telesales/edetailing sales people be able to seek face-to-face appointments with target customers.

The client was considering two options:

  • Fully outsourced telesales managed through a third party specialist
  • Client-managed e-detailing/telesales with contractors supplied by a Contract Sales Organisation

The solution

The client decided to manage the e-detailing/telesales team, and seek contractors from CSOs on their Preferred Supplier List.

The CSOs supplied predominantly graduate candidate contractors, and the client supplied the detailing platform/CRM systems and also a dedicated line manager who coached and managed the e-detailers.

The outcomes

The solution has been so effective, the client managed e-detailing/telesales team has not only grown in size, but has also been adopted by other brands in the portfolio.

The client-managed solution has ensured that the e-detailers are getting regular accompanied calls with their manager, which has raised the consistency of brand message delivery as well as the effectiveness of the selling process. The team has also been successful in securing appointments for their field based KAM colleagues. Relevant information and customer insights are shared promptly with appropriate colleagues. Issues are also identified and dealt with quickly.

The client uses STEM to evaluate the effectiveness of their sales calls and this client-managed solution consistently generates the highest STEM scores the client has seen.

Customer feedback

“I have worked on with CHASE in a number of sales manager roles in the field but most recently in a team build for virtual sales representatives. This was pre pandemic and we worked together to really try and understand the best and right profile for this type of role. The team I recruited featured a number of CHASE employees and those people developed into award winning representatives being selected for final places in the Pf awards. CHASE are a partner I’ve enjoyed working with and value their input and support in all the project’s we have collaborated on.”