Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2024

On 10th -11th May, CHASE and Medacy attended this years' CPC event in London. From our home at stand C60, we had the pleasure of talking to pharmacists across all care settings and industries about their career aspirations.

We also enjoyed meeting other attendees from across life sciences and healthcare - a rare opportunity to come together and discuss the big topics of the day and looking for ways to collaborate and innovate. 

This year, over 3000 pharmacists travelled the breadth of the country to take in some of the 325+ speakers and 250+ learning sessions. So, it was the perfect opportunity to meet pharmacists looking for new ways to drive their careers forward and discuss how Medacy can help them reimagine their pharmacy careers. 

With opportunities to enter the pharmaceutical industry as a CHASE promotional pharmacist or develop their Clinical Pharmacist career with Medacy, we spoke to over 300 pharmacists open to new opportunities across the weekend. Many of those with the right mix of commercial and clinical skills needed to be a successful promotional pharmacist.  

Things we observed at the CPC 2024

This was our third CPC event (having attended both London and Manchester last year) and each time we look for common themes that emerge that may shed light on wider talent trends. So, what were our experiences this time around? 

  • New graduates looking at pharma as top choice

We spoke with so many ambitious, newly-graduated pharmacists who see their future in pharma. While they may still need development and experience, seeing so many engaged and driven pharmacists in the UK viewing pharma as their industry of choice is surely encouraging for the future.  

  • Secondary care pharmacists continuing to look to move to primary care

On the clinical pharmacy side, we continued to see pharmacists looking to move from community and secondary care into clinical settings - something that we have noticed at the last few events too. Pharmacists are increasingly looking for partners to help support them on their journey towards gaining Independent Prescriber status.

  • Clinical pharmacists are still looking to diversity their careers

Experienced clinical pharmacists still have a keen eye on a move to industry, even if that means taking a slight sideward step from their current clinical role. One of the most common questions we get asked at these events is, 'how do I become a Medical Science Liaison?' Which is a big aim for many looking to make the switch to industry and often requires some tempering of expectations and explanations of routes into the industry. 

Interestingly, this year also saw an upturn in the number of established clinical pharmacists looking to move up in their careers within secondary care - whether this is a wider trend with the NHS looking to stabilise post-covid and recent clarity on ARRS funding, GP contract and DES, only time will tell.

What might this mean for your company?

The talent pool is brimming with potential, but identifying pharmacists who are immediately ready for the industry's unique demands can be challenging.  A robust recruitment process that efficiently assesses candidates' commercial and clinical acumen is crucial.

Having robust processes to handle volume, while still being able to accurately assess potential candidates is tricky for even the most established in-house talent teams.

While having increased interest in your roles is great, the increased time it takes to assess CVs, screen candidates, carry out assessments and conduct interviews come with increased time and cost considerations across the business. 

So while the future is bright, it's crucial to make sure you are set up to make the most of the opportunity. Finding a partner with the right consultative approach, experience and (crucially) understanding of the needs of both business and candidates to guide each through the process for mutual benefit.

How CHASE Can Help

Partnering with CHASE can streamline your hiring process. We have a deep understanding of the pharma talent landscape and can quickly identify candidates who align with your specific needs. 

Our approach and depth of understanding means that even if volume increases, the quality of hire or candidate experience never drops and you don't need to invest more internal time to find the right person. 

Our consultative approach built on unrivalled industry experience and knowledge ensures both companies and candidates are supported throughout the process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Interested in learning more about how CHASE can help you access top pharma talent? Contact us today to find out more.

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