19th January 2024

The challenge

A major pharma client needed to respond to a significant change in the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) guidance. The company decided it needed a fast, flexible and affordable outsourced salesforce solution.

The client also set an average salary target for both suppliers.

The solution

The client decided to use both its current suppliers for the sales team build. However, CHASE was asked to lead the recruitment process due to our experience in undertaking large recruitment campaigns at speed. The client needed 58 people on an ITP by June 2023.

The outcomes

Recruitment Process

  • CHASE had 10 weeks to find, assess and recruit as many candidates as possible to attend the company’s 1st ITP
  • 142 candidates attended 18 assessment centres – UK wide


  • 54 placements by January 2024
  • 54% of placements available were filled by CHASE
  • Only CHASE achieved the average salary target - CHASE 99% of budget, other supplier 103% over budget
  • Quality of CHASE candidates V other supplier – Assessment Centre pass rate 69% CHASE , 49% other

Customer feedback

“I wanted to recognise what brilliant partners CHASE have been to our team over the last few months, playing a vital role in helping us deliver this critical project at such high pace. Steve & Alan in the early phases, and then Emma, Huw & Danny as regular members of the Project Team. Huw, of note, your early leadership in the Project Team, leaning on past experience of how to run the process alongside our other supplier was particularly helpful in those first weeks. To the whole team, your responsiveness, pragmatism and positive energy has been first class throughout.”

Commercial Business Unit Director - UK Commercial, Vaccines