20th March 2023

The challenge

Even as Covid-19 restrictions eased, access to Health Care Professionals (HCPs) has remained very challenging. It has become clear that remote one-to-one selling alongside traditional in-person one-to-one selling requires sales professionals to be more flexible in the way they engage HCPs. Different skills and expertise are required to be effective.

The solution

CHASE developed “hybrid access” and “hybrid selling” workshops and committed to putting all CHASE contractors for our client through this training in support of their commercial efforts and in recognition of the need to quickly upskill during the period of time where in-person activity was severely restricted. CHASE delivered:

  • 5 workshops with 25 attendees in 2021
  • 6 workshops with 24 attendees in 2022

The outcomes

On the back of the success of these workshops the client requested that their headcount teams should also be put through the workshops.

The number of appointments booked by the teams per week has on average risen from 1 to 3.

The number of opportunistic calls has also risen significantly, with the team using more tailored, impactful opening statements as practiced during the training. In addition the sales professionals are:

  • More assertive, resulting in more access to customers who have previously been seen 
  • More confident in accessing and selling to HCPs remotely and face-to-face
  • More confident on the phone and in person using impactful access statements remotely (see feedback below)
  • More active ”listeners” and therefore better able to respond to HCPs questions

Feedback from CHASE contractors

“I’ve gone from struggling to get any appointments to now achieving 2-3 appointments per week.”

“I’m working a new territory and a week after the workshop I booked 3 lunch meetings using the new techniques I’ve learnt.”

“Since the workshop my speculative call success has increased from 1-2 per week to 3 per week after changing my access statement”

“I am now confident in using the phone more and managed to access a “no see” surgery by being more assertive. Spoke to the Practice Manager and with a really good access statement managed to book a lunch meeting and a training day.”