21st September 2022

The challenge

  • We were engaged by a medical technology company that had developed a novel machine learning powered cardiac imaging software solution.
  • The development of the software had taken place outside the UK, the company had no UK staff and there was no UK clinical experience or knowledge of the software amongst UK customers
  • The company were not clear about how the software would fit into the UK imaging protocols and diagnostic workflows and what the full commercial potential of the software was
  • The company needed a flexible approach to UK launch with the ability to determine market attractiveness before committing to permanent resource deployment and greater levels of investment

The outcomes

Within nine months we: 

  • Completed a thorough analysis of the UK market to provide key strategic recommendations.
  • Developed a three year forecast and investment plan to guide resource planning.
  • Identified sites interested in carrying out research with the software, successfully engaged a public and private site and worked with them to develop a research and audit protocols.
  • Supported a local medical communications agency to get expert advice from a steering committee of local experts and supported a local market access agency to develop an economic model and business case template for the product.
  • Identified and recruited a full-time UK Customer Lead to be managed by CHASE.
  • Launched the company and the software to UK customers in anticipation of final medical device mark accreditation that would enable full commercialisation.

With CHASE’s support, the company has been able to enter the UK market without having to build any UK infrastructure and we continue to provide marketing and sales support for the company as they move into the full commercialisation phase of the product UK market entry.