20th September 2021

The challenge

A leading pharma company commissioned CHASE to implement and deliver a joint working project with leading UK hospital sites and a US based digital health company; we delivered the joint working project across the UK.

The project required highly skilled Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to collect real world data on inhaler adherence prior to biologic therapy, using Bluetooth® integrated sensors.

The project required consultation and management from conceptualising though to delivery with project management expertise to oversee governance, data collection and site support.

The solution

CHASE were able to provide in-depth expert knowledge around joint working to facilitate the implementation of the project.

Project management and lead nurse resource allowed for governance and protocol creation to be relevant and accurate to the project key performance indicators.

CHASE managed the project and adapted as necessary in order to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHASE recruiters successfully employed specialist HCPs (including specialist Pharmacists and Nurses) with the skill sets required to deliver the project.

The outcomes


  • Regular consultations with the client to ensure the project was set up correctly and remained in line with the KPIs
  • Created project documentation – (high level plan, communication approach, protocol, guidelines, policies and training programs)
  • CHASE staff covered 10 of the UK’s major teaching hospitals


  • CHASE provided project oversight in all hospitals with a blended approach of on-site and virtual-site visits to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions. A total of 412 patients were successfully enrolled on the project between January 2020 - January 2022 (despite COVID-19 disruption.)
  • Client governance requirements (safety reporting, transfer of value and highlight reporting) were delivered in a timely manner to address and disseminate any issues or learnings.
  • CHASE carried out data audits ensuring accurate collection of data and alignment of metrics to evaluate ‘data pulls’ for analysis

Customer feedback

“Many thanks for all CHASE’s efforts in leading this important work through an extremely challenging time for the NHS.

Your attention to detail, co-ordination of all the moving parts and ability to drive the project forward has been exemplary.

Albeit we have been delayed by the pandemic, I know we would not have delivered the results achieved so far, without your efforts and for this CHASE deserve massive credit.

My experience has been such that I would highly recommend CHASE as a go-to organisation to deliver both R&D projects, or service improvement initiatives that could benefit both pharma and the wider NHS.”

Director of Medicine Engagement


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