1st September 2021

The challenge

As a result of the COVID-19 lockdown our client needed, at short notice, to deliver training in order to introduce their field-force to remote customer engagement.

As the specific expectations for remote customer activity had not been confirmed, the requirement was to introduce personnel to the important concepts of remote communication and how to do so with impact.

We were asked to fit the delivery of workshops into a broader training programme over a two week period that needed to cover the entire field-force, some 150+ staff, across 13 workshops, each lasting approximately 2 hours. As a result of the social distancing restrictions all workshops needed to be delivered remotely, using MS Teams.

The solution

We developed a workshop that addressed ways to create impact through remote communication. The 2 hour workshop focused on:

  • The dynamics of communication
  • The emotional impact of communication
  • Examining the different ways to create impact by looking at:
    • Pitch / Tone / Inflection
    • Enunciation / Understanding / Courtesy
    • Speaking Rate
  • The power of silence
  • Active listening techniques
  • The workshop was facilitated as an interactive session with some exercises directly involving delegates.

The outcomes

A total of 13 workshops were delivered to 150+ customer facing field based staff, across a 2 week period. The workshops were each 2 hours long.

Feedback from delegates was consistently positive, with many stating that it really made them think about how they communicate. The operations director who commissioned the event also shared how many people she had proactively provided positive feedback; interestingly from people she wouldn’t normally associate with providing feedback.

Most importantly the workshop was associated with giving field based staff the confidence to try a different way of engaging with customers.

Customer feedback

"It was a delight to work with CHASE from start to finish on our project around upskilling the field teams with softer skills, designed to improve the engagement that we at COMPANY X have with HCPs during uncertain COVID-19 times. CHASE were great in that  they developed a bespoke series of workshops to meet both our internal and external customers needs, so that we had a really engaging and fit for purpose workshop to run with colleagues during a time when only virtual interactions with HCPs were appropriate. Pragmatic and assertive, these workshops were attended by a variety of different field based and head office colleagues and undoubtedly people became more self aware of the best way to improve their impact with each other and customers alike."

Business & Operations Director (c150 field-based, customer facing personnel)

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